Karalee Ransom

Physics - Physics

Karalee Ransom

Advising Areas:


  • Physics (BA, BS)
  • Physics Teaching (BS)
  • Physical Science (Composite Teaching) (BS)
  • Physics (MS, PhD)


  • Physics
  • Physics Teaching

Contact Information:

Office Location: SER 250D
Phone: 435-797-4021
Email Address: karalee.ransom@usu.edu

Cancellation Policy:

Students should cancel their appointments in a timely manner through Appointment Manager.

As USU is transitioning back to offering fully in-person advising, classes, and activities, advising appointments will now be available in-person in addition to Virtual (Zoom). As you select an appointment date the location offering for the appointment will be listed next to the appointment time.

Please note that your new preferred email address is A#@usu.edu. All university communication (including advising appointment communication) will be defaulted to this email.

MONDAY morning appointments will all be held by Zoom

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